In May of 2017, six small, POC-owned businesses participated in Lightning Bolt’s pilot training for local Oakland businesses interested a vision of community safety that includes these 5 areas:

  • De-escalation and alternatives to calling the police
  • Non-cooperation with ICE
  • Medic skills for treating wounds and tear gas
  • Disability Justice — accessibility beyond the ADA
  • Gender-neutral bathrooms & other areas of safety for Trans people

Meeting at Oakland’s Qulture Collective, workers and owners representing Cafe Akat Kalli, Miss Ollie’s Caribbean restaurant, Cafe Gabriela, Red Bay Coffee, Reem’s Arab Bakery, and Tamales La Oaxaqueña participated.

Trainers from 5 organizations came together for this training: Critical Resistance’s Oakland Power Projects, Instituto Familiar de la Raza, People’s Community Medics, Sins Invalid, and TGI Justice Project.

Bookmark this handy map. Let’s support businesses that are supporting a new vision of community safety: