The lightning bolt, for me, symbolizes both the energy of our collective power and my personal commitment to spend this year doing everything I can to build our individual and collective strength, resilience, resistance, and ability to survive, thrive and be truly “in it together.”

Here is some of what getting ready means for me right now:

+ Spending time with my beloved disability justice community. Learning to listen to and trust the wisdom of the body. Learning to value, appreciate and know the body itself before the capitalist idea of it. Learning to honor the needs of the body in the ways I show up, and similarly honoring the ways other people show up. Listening to and learning about disabled histories and realities. Committing to centering disability, disabled people and disability justice.

+ Participating in bystander intervention training with friends (there’s a short webinar version from Hollaback a few times in January).

+ Ongoing exploration of white conditioning, its harmfulness and how to heal from it. Currently meeting with a group of 5 to do the “Healing from Toxic Whiteness” training.


+ Renewed commitment to sharing resources, offering space for supportive community building, food sharing, learning, planning, being.

+ Learning more about reparations. Seeking out “people skool” for folks with privilege from Poor Magazine.

+ Developing more of the skills needed to create web sites in support of projects that connect and strengthen us. Anyone want to join me in learning JavaScript and PHP?

+ Commitment to connecting with my neighbors on how we can prepare together to support one another.

+ Learning about alternatives to calling the police, and developing shared options with my neighbors. Commitment to participating in the Oakland Power Projects’ KNOW YOUR OPTIONS workshop series.

+ Learning about community self defense. Watching the “Deacons for Defense” and “Screaming Queens” with my community and discussing their implications for our communities today.

+ Joining with others to learn about ICE, sanctuary, and what we can do to support and defend immigrant communities when sanctuary is not respected.

+ Continuing to help develop the East Bay Meditation Center Maha Sangha as a community that fully engages with the practice of  collective liberation.

+ Commitment to developing my skills at communicating with people outside my comfort zone, having difficult conversations, listening, facilitating.

+ Buddying up with folks to renew my passport, and get my health care power of attorney and living will stuff filled out.

+ Commitment to Mushim Ikeda’s Vow Not to Burn Out.


Wanna join me for any of this? I’m excited to connect and build, block and be with you all!