Thanks to 83 generous people in and out of California, we succeeded in getting 300 P-grade masks for houseless folks in Oakland. THANK YOU!!! With this first shipment going to tent encampments in West and downtown Oakland (via Feed the People), we’re now starting a 2nd Lightning Round for East Oakland encampments in need of relief.

Please help us raise $800 by Tuesday to purchase 60 – 100 high-quality P95 and P100 masks for houseless folks in East Oakland, to be distributed by the East Oakland Collective.*

Venmo: LightningBolt
PayPal: lightningboltvision
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These are no ordinary wildfires, and the smoke is no ordinary smoke. The fires have incinerated pesticides, gas stations, cars, household chemicals, and all manner of toxins that N95 masks are not designed to filter out. This is why it’s urgent to provide medical relief and options for better breathing — like P95 masks made to filter out not only dry particles, but oils in the air. This stronger protection helps prevent serious lung damage that can last a lifetime.

As we know, the housing crisis is itself is the result of racist displacement, eviction, and gentrification in Oakland. The results are clear: homelessness has jumped by 25% in the past 2 years, and 70% of the people living on Oakland’s streets are Black.

We also know that racism contributes to higher asthma rates in Black and low-income communities, further compounding the effects of unhealthy air quality.

The Lightning Bolt Collective is committed to addressing immediate effects of disasters even as we also analyze and fight their root causes in oppressive systems.

Thank you for your support and solidarity!

*If the East Oakland Collective determines that masks are no longer the priority by Tuesday, then all $800 will go to them for supplies as folks in the encampments see fit. Any funds raised above the goal will support Lightning Bolt’s next Community Safety Training for POC-owned small businesses in Oakland.