If you’re in the SF East Bay, join us for Lightning Bolt Self Defense Training

Tuesday, January 17th
7:30am – 9am
500 El Embarcadero, Oakland (between Grand and Lakeshore)

Trainers: Nanea, Bridget, Uke:, Laura

This training will take place in public, and is open only to people who do *not* identify as cisgender men.

However, it is not open to all women.

For example, it is not open to the Oakland Mayor; Chief of Police; Hillary Clinton; former District Attorney Nancy O’Malley; Janet Napalitano; or any police officers.

Cis men may be enlisted to perform auxiliary roles. (Email contact@lightningbolt.vision if interested.)


If you don’t want to train in the presence of cis men, totally understandable — you might consider signing up for one of Girl Army’s private classes. Visit girlarmy.org or email girlarmyoakland@gmail.com

This training is consent-based and performed on an opt-in basis. The instructors will be available ahead of time via email to address concerns about accessibility within the training activities and on-hand to assist with modifications, should a particular motion or exercise become difficult. Ultimately, self-defense is a set of tools. We provide the space for our students practice using them and support them in finding for themselves what works best.

During the training we will cover a short list of verbal, physical and psychological self defense techniques designed to allow the user the option of escalating as well as deescalating in order to defend oneself during a conflict. It is useful to bring a friend or support person to train with as we are likely to do partner work, and because it’s a fun and bonding activity.

Most exercises that we cover will work for people who are sitting or unable to stand. Everything we cover can be modified. It is important to note here that there are many visible and invisible barriers to self-defense. Most programs rely on prescriptive teaching methods that tell students which tools to use in specific scenarios. If a tool is not accessible, it isn’t useful to the student. Everyone, given the right tools, has the capacity to defend themself.

Nanea and Bridget are also trained in instructing people who are unable to see. Trainers will always strive to use inclusive language. At least one of the instructors is physically disabled and neurodiverse, and Lightning Bolt is committed to ensuring as much accessibility as we can for this event.

Girl Army trainers have been doing recent work on trauma-informed teaching, especially with people with PTSD, cognitive disabilities, and other forms of neurodiversity.

ASL translation — please let us know if you would like ASL interpretation.

We will also have:
sound amplification
free hand-warmers
english-language handout materials on self-care

PLEASE BE ADVISED: This event will be public and documented. Please let us know if your legal status etc makes it so you can’t be photographed or filmed.

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****See You There!!!****


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