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Lightning Bolt Community Safety for Businesses

The Lightning Bolt Collective is currently organizing local Oakland businesses to become places of community safety. On May 9 we will hold a pilot training session for businesses. A cohort of 15-25 people representing 5 POC-owned, small, local businesses will be trained in these basic components of community safety:

Do you want to see more of this holistic safety? Please contribute to our first training! THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE DONATED SO FAR!

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30 people, $1615

Where your money will go:

Our trainers on May 9 will be some of our favorite local organizations who have been doing this work for a long time, laying the foundations that make this project possible: Oakland Power Projects, People’s Community Medics, Sins Invalid, individuals from Instituto Familiar de la Raza, and TGIJP (Trans Gender Intersex Justice Project).


Why businesses?

We see the Lightning Bolt potential of local businesses to become neighborhood sites of resistance. We envision the possibility of a network of businesses promoting a new kind of community safety —  one that includes real connection to the people in the community and caring for people most impacted in this era of Trump.

We can’t rely on city government to provide true sanctuary or safety, so we want to build it up ourselves. In part that means supporting the places that support us. Restaurants, cafes, shops, services and offices are fixtures in nearly every neighborhood. Whether as workers, customers or passersby, almost everyone encounters businesses in their area.

Our goal for this year is to train 50 businesses and develop them into a growing network. We begin this May with our first 5 POC-owned, small, local businesses.

This money will make our pilot training happen. We will pay the trainers for their labor, and rent the space. The three of us each committed to raising $500 to fulfill our goal, and that goal (and beyond!) has been met.

You can still donate to help with related costs:

Wanna give the old fashioned way (cash or check)? Talk to us for details!

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